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How to Work With Bloggers & Be Social Media Savvy Lesley L. Scott

How to Work With Bloggers & Be Social Media Savvy

Lesley L. Scott

Published June 28th 2012
Kindle Edition
139 pages
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 About the Book 

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Tumblr...Social Media. Ugh. And what about pitching your brand or product to those snarky bloggers? Double ugh, right? What you need is a savvy insider to guide you through this Brave New World. And now you have one! A professional blogger with over seven years experience who will:...give you the straight scoop on amateur-hour stuff to avoid....share the secrets of Blogosphere-savvy brands....get you up to speed so you can negotiate this New Media space like a pro.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:- How this new world has a new map and is filled with savvy consumers & unsophisticated marketers - & how to court the former and avoid being the latter.- Why information overload isnt really the problem, Filter Failure is - which is solved to a large degree by good blogs.- How to know if a blog is good by applying the 5Cs of Blog Quality: Caliber, Connoisseur, Consistency, Connectedness, Consequential.- Why bloggers blog (its not what you think...be sure to check out the section on blogging as a form of Self Expression) plus the 5Cs that Bloggers Want: Courtin, Content, Community, Celebrity & Compensation. Once you know what it is they want, you can give it to them & they will then happily give you yours: buzz, promotion, blog love.- An in-depth FAQ to answer all your burning questions...plus a few you didnt even know you had.- How you as a brand engaging successfully in the space will be playing a crucial role in Enabling the Future.As you can see, working with bloggers can be pretty straightforward...or not. Its the or not part that *How to Work with Bloggers* will help you with, rewarding you with minimum headache & maximum success, more brand awareness, lots of consumer buzz and ultimately, more sales!